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June Live Streaming Weekend

It's that time of year for the June Live Streaming event. This year the event will take place from Friday June 22 through Sunday June 24th. We have arranged a lineup of some of your favorite shows. If you are a listener, make sure you listen to all or some of your favorite shows, and join us in the chat room all weekend.

If you are a podcaster and participating in the event, you will recieve a couple of emails with slot information and technical details. If you have any questions, please email or

We are looking forward to a fantastic event. Keep watching here and our social media channels for more information as the event approaches.


We have put together a few bumpers to advertize the June event. Below you will find links to these bumpers. Please play them on your show as we approach the event.

Auntie Vera Bumper

Toppie Bumper (Long)

Toppie Bumper (Short)

Big Fatty Bumper


Pride48 New Orleans

We have announced the location of our event for 2018. We will be gathering in the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana from Friday the 24th of August to Sunday the 26th of August 2018.

This is one weekend before Southern Decadence, so if you want to attend that, you can stay on an additional week. It's always a fun time.

For more information about hotel, registration, or anything event related, you can subscribe to our newsletter, or look on the event page on the site. You can also subscribe to our podcast.

Featured Show:

Lizzie B
Zombie Gurl TJ from Nowhere
RC's Jay

Building Out

Thank You

You might have noticed that we intially only had shows listed that participated in either our June or September live events. While we are still working on automating a system for shows to list themselves, we are now happy to manually add shows that self-identify as members of the Pride48 community.

Please send your website address, your RSS feed address, and your show artwork to Adam and we will get your show added to our podcast listing page as soon as possible.

We are also working on a syndication feature so that you can list Pride48 shows on your own website.

Pride48: Video Highlights from 2014!

Big Fatty and Granny from Big Fatty Online perform their second show during the Vegas weekend. See more videos on our YouTube Channel