Mac Training

Audio Hijack Training

With this training, learn how to stream to using Audio Hijack on a Mac computer.  You can find Audio Hijack at the below link:


Loopback Training

With this training video, you will learn how to use a software called Loopback to route audio from one application on your computer to another.  This will allow you to bring in a Skype guest onto your show and route audio from other applications back to Skype.  This will allow your Skype guests to hear your bumpers and other music/audio from your computer.


Windows Training

BUTT Broadcast Software Training

This is a tutorial that explains how to use the free software B.U.T.T in order to stream to Pride48. This software is the recommended streaming software for Windows, but can be used for Mac or Linux as well.  You can find this software at:

VoiceMeeter Banana Training

In this tutorial, I show you how to route audio from Skype and other applications on your Windows PC to your recording software and to your streaming/broadcasting software using Voicemeeter Banana. You can find the software at:

Chat Training