July Live Streaming Event

We are pleased to announce the Live Streaming event for 2022. This is the event where everyone can sit at home in their PJs and stream from the comfort of their own studio. There is no cost to stream or to join in the chat room and listen in. You can subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with all of the latest info and also find details below.

Event Dates

  • Friday July 29 – Sunday July 31



Promote the Event
In order to promote the event, please download the bumper below and play on your show.


Opening Show
Three's A Crowd
Yeast Radio
Tastes Like Burning
Mad Dingo Show
Day 1 Late Night
The Shy Life Podcast
Ding da Bell
Greetings From Nowhere
Don't Do Disney
Foul Monkeys
Ru Paul's Drag Race Recap
Mix Minus
Pod Is My Copilot
Shady Small Town Tea
Throwing Down
Donna Suggarz Show
Day 2 Late Night
Chubs Gone Wild
Big Gay Sex Show
Swanner & Judd
Little Fatty Cast
Minoritea Report
Closing Show