June Live Streaming
The dates for the June Live Streaming event are this coming Friday June 26 - Sunday June 28th. We would love to have you join us as either a show, a listener, or both. Click below for more info.
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New Orleans Expo
Due to the covid-19 stay at home orders and the various health and economic concerns around it, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the in person event this year. We ARE having a virtual event...you can click the info link to find out more.
LGBT Podcasting
Pride48 is a home for the LGBT podcasting community. LGBT and LGBT-friendly podcasters and listeners come together in community via our chatroom, website, podcasts, and annual events. We also offer help and resources for podcasters, and we advocate and promote podcasting by and for the LGBT community.
About Us

Live Podcasting

Broadcast your podcast live on the internet for free. Or if you are a listener join us in the chatroom to listen to your favorite show.


Most of all, Pride48 is a community of friends. If you are new, say hi to us in the chat room, on facebook, or at an event.


We hold a live streaming event in June every year and hold and annual in person expo each year. Community members also get together regularly.

Promote Pride48

Below you will find some bumpers that you can add to your show to promote Pride48 and it’s events.  We would appreciate it if you consider yourself a part of our family, that you add a bumper or two to your shows.

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This is the generic Pride48 bumper that we add to our shows to promote the network.

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This is the generic Pride48 bumper that we add to our shows to promote the network.  This was produced by Sarah from SarahTalk.


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