Pride48 Zoom Live September Event

This year we are having a VERY special Zoom Live Event in September.  During this 3 day event, we will have games, underwear party, and more.  Read below for all the relevant information.

Event Dates: Friday September 18th – Sunday September 20th
Location: Zoom (Link will be added later)


Friday September 18th

Friday night is all about being seen and heard and eating some pizza.  We will be giving out $10.00 pizza gift cards to 10 lucky attendees and will all be eating and chatting.  Fatty will also be doing his annual pink carpet, so make sure you wear something festive and turn on that video.  This night will take the place of our September Zoom Cocktail Hour.

9:00pm: Pink Carpet

10:00pm: Pizza Party

10:30pm: Meet & Greet

Saturday September 19th

Saturday night is Never Have I Ever night at Pride48.  For all of those who have done everything, it will be really fun to take a LOT of shots over the course of the evening.  For those who are innocent and have done NOTHING, you might win some cash!!!  Following Never Have I Ever, those who want to can stick around for our underwear party.  

8:00pm: Never Have I Ever

Late: Underwear Party

Sunday September 20th

Sunday will be Pride48 Fun Day.  We will have a live game show featuring some of your favorite podcasters and bingo that all can participate in.  We will have prizes for all game shows.

5:00pm: $48 Pyramid

7:00pm: Bingo

8:00pm: Closing Show